- Just spotted that Jonathan Mak has updated the official Everyday Shooter website with a new trailer video for his multi-IGF-nominated abstract shooter.

I've been playing the IGF-entered version of the title (sorry, no public demo for now - here's the YouTube trailer link), and I think it's particularly striking because it feels like a 'whole piece of art' - sorry if that's vague, but here's Mak's description of the title:

"Everyday Shooter is a collection of shoot-em-up games with each motivated by a single inspiration that ranges from games like "Every Extend", to Hayao Miyazaki's film "Porco Rosso", to a moment of childhood wonderment when I first saw earthworms surfacing during rainfall."

The game, which has sequential 'themed' levels with very different gameplay, also has some notable synaesthesic music/art links - here's some info from Mak's IGF entry readme:

"All the sound effects in the game were made to be musical and harmonious with the background music. For example, in the first level, when you destroy the little red robots it plays a note from the song. And when you destroy the spinning yellow shooter it plays a riff. So as you play the game, you might sense that your bullets carry the power to make things sing!" So sure, this is still 'just' a shooter', but it's a particularly interesting one, by any yardstick.