- Over at sister site Gamasutra, they've put up a serious, sensible interview with Derek Smart, in which the Battlecruiser 3000AD and Universal Combat creator, whose Wikipedia entry is locked, if that helps you understand, says some fun things about his plans for Xbox Live space flight.

He has a fun rant about _his_ perspective on indie development, too: "Well, getting publishers to sign a PC-only title is like pulling teeth. With no anesthesia. With your ex mother-in-law yelling "....you can dooooooo iiiiiiiit" through a bull horn. In other words, it is horrendous. Signing is one thing. Getting paid is clearly another matter. Developers signing these days have to pray that they actually see a dime. It has become a toss up."

Smart continues: "God help you if you need publisher funding to do a PC game. Or any game for that matter. As far as the industry is concerned, it’s evolve or die. No two ways about it. So, we're evolving because death is clearly not an option." Indeed, always evolve!