- Via new columnist Arttu's Solvalou.com, I spotted the homepage of Gravitar world record holder Dan Coogan, which is full of all kinds of gorgeous tips, stories, and interviews regarding the classic 1982 Atari vector monitor arcade game.

The biggest news, of course: "HIGH SCORE UPDATE: December 23, 2006: I surpassed my previous high score (3,652,700 on 9/8/03) with a new high score of 8,029,450. A NEW WORLD RECORD! Game play started at 10:15 AM Friday, December 22nd and ended at 9:30 AM Saturday, December 23, 2006 (23 hours 15 minutes). The game was recorded on digital video and refereed by Brien King." A totally awesome pic of Dan accompanies the announcement.

Elsewhere on the site, there's all kinds of awesome stuff - the full design documentation for Gravitar scanned in, including the Atari employee ID badges for creators Mike Hally and Rich Adam. There are also some newly updated, detailed email comments from both of the creators, including an important secret:

"[Rich Adam] answered a major question for me: Why is the game resetting? (frustrating, when you are playing for more than 10 hours and going for the world record, and suddenly it's "game over" ). Once the game stores more than 128 ships in it's memory, it can reset. Rich advised me to keep the total number of ships in reserve below 128 -- I did that and was able to break the Gravitar world record."