- Over at casual site Gamezebo, they have a review of Belle's Beauty Boutique, a game where the eponymous hero "...gets to run her very own beauty parlor and do her best to satisfy the demands of the assorted customers who walk through the door."

As the reviewer notes: "Like other Diner Dash-inspired games, Belle's Beauty Boutique challenges players to keep customers happy by making sure they receive the services they ask for. This involves seating customers in the appropriate chairs depending on whether they ask for a wash, cut, blow dry, manicure or dye job, and then cleaning the station afterwards if they've left a mess behind."

I found the game interesting both because it shows how super-influential Diner Dash has been, and also because of comments made at Wonderland Blog on it by Alice: "Ultimately though, I can't help but lament the existence of these types of games. I was always the stalwart supporter of just better marketing, as there are (IMO) enough games out there that girls would love, if they just knew about them or understood that they weren't just for army-loving chaps. If girls do get games specifically targeted to them (as they will), if there's a broad and neverending supply of Games For Girls, I worry that their diet of gaming may end up being sugar and spice all the way."