- Thanks to Thuyen Nguyen for passing on the following neatness: "I've made a sit-com pilot about a games company. Shot in Melbourne, it's a cross between The IT Crowd and The Office." It's called 'Work & Play', and it's available for viewing on Revver.

Thuyen comments: "I wouldn't say it's a professional production, but it definitely isn't two guys in front of a webcam either. Perhaps of note, it was shot at IR Gurus, who made Heroes of the Pacific, and the upcoming Heatseeker. So even if the video doesn't tickle your fancy, you can treat it as a pseudo studio tour :)" He adds: "Please note that this is a personal production, and not commissioned by IR Gurus in any way."

Well, it certainly does feel a bit IT Crowd-y, and it's obviously a little bit low-budget, but it's fun to wander through, if only to see what a series set at a video game developer might be like.

Talking of which, did you guys spot that a new animated show called Code Monkeys has been announced for G4, and will "tell the stories of old-school game coders Dave and Jerry, whose wacky, surreal adventures are told through Super Nintendo style videogame art." Also, can I plug the video game developer murder mystery graphic novel I started a couple of years back, but will probably never finish? I can? Excellent.