- Some more info to pass on, this time from former Game Developer magazine code columnist and Braid creator Jon Blow, who writes: "We've just put up the new Call for Participation for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop 2007."

He further explains: "The Experimental Gameplay Workshop is a concentrated mini-conference that happens yearly at the Game Developers Conference [this March in San Francisco]. If you're working on an innovative / experimental / original game, we encourage you to check out the web site and submit your work. Also, please forward this announcement to other game designers -- in the past, we've gotten in touch with some very interesting projects solely by word of mouth, and those projects went on to get good exposure at the conference."

I'm hoping that posting on GameSetWatch isn't overdoing the 'word of mouth' thing, heh, but I know good designers out there read the blog, so read and submit if you think you're doing something interesting and different. The 'Success Stories and Influences' page really shows that the EGW, which is a smart and sometimes hyper-experimental mini-conf that goes beyond some of the more fully fleshed-out IGF/Independent Games Summit ideas, is making a difference. After all, with Katamari Damacy, Rag Doll Kung Fu, and Eye Toy Anti-Grav all being helped out in some major way from appearing at the EGW, it must be doing something right!