-Raina Lee's latest column for VH1 Game Break has a fun interview with Japanese chiptune superstars YMCK, conducted at the recent Blip Festival in New York.

A couple of fun excerpts:

"What inspired your fabulous look?
Y: Our influences are the 1960s and the Famicom.
M: We wear the Famicom colors (pointing to her go-go dress in red and white)
Y: (points to tie) Famicom color necktie!


Midori, where did you get that Famicom headband? It’s fantastic!
M: This is a toy my friend got for me. (She shows that a clip is glued to the bottom of the toy, and then clips to her headband.)"

The interview also includes the note: "Slick and poised, rumor has it that YMCK may be signed to a major label soon. If so, they will be the first mainstream chiptunes band." I know some in the chiptune community are a bit nervous about this type of thing - but I also think that chiptune goodness could do with disseminating to all!