- Jim Rossignol sends over word that mega-cellphone carrier Vodafone, who are big in Europe (and not so much in Japan any more, as I recall!) have released a video game-themed issue of its 'Receiver' web magazine, with some pretty neat articles on video games.

There's a DB Weiss excerpt from Lucky Wander Boy in MP3 form, Rossignol himself talks about his Korean experience (though Gamasutra is not a 'web development portal', guys!), Pocket Gamer's Stuart Dredge discusses the future of mobile gaming, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin talks about play and experience.

Sure, a lot of this is a bit erudite, but Wardrip-Fruin's essay starts by talking about 2001 and Eliza all at once, so we forgive him: "In the mid-1960s Joseph Weizenbaum created a stunning piece of software. Years before HAL 9000's screen debut in 2001: A Space Odyssey, this software, Eliza, made it possible to have a conversation with a computer."