- Those cheeky chappies at GameTunnel are counting down their best indie games of 2006 (and we'll link to that when it's done!), but in the meantime, they published their Top 10 indie games for December, and it's an excellent standalone read.

The top title, interestingly enough, is War On Folvos, which is epic in its unheard-of-ness here in GSW Towers - Seth Robinson comments: "Hex grid turn based strategy usually scares me but thanks to an easy learning curve WOF makes it work. With an appropriately epic soundtrack you send units into battle as the Dune-like story unfolds."

#2 for the month is the neat-sounding Minigolf Mania, for which Russell Carroll explains: "Minigolf Mania is sort of Rocketbowl taken to golf. The holes on each of the 3 courses are original and fun and focus on the coolest part of miniture golf (which isn't putting!!!). The focus is on exactly what it should be: trying to make just the right shot to put your ball past the windmall and going down a long set of corridors into a land you can't even see when you first start your shot."