- As The Dreamcast Junkyard is very happy to point out, Sega's last piece of hardware will never quite die, it seems : "Even with the next-generation of gaming lumps of plastic looming over us and our wallets, the Dreamcast is, at least in Japan and in the homebrew scene, digging itself out of its grave now and then for the odd new game every few months."

So there's a nice round-up of stuff, including official Japanese DC release Trigger Heart Exelica, due out in Feb. 2007: "Like any good 'shump' as some people like to call them, Trigger Heart has a unique feature (Read: gimmick) that separates it from other shumps, and in this one's case it's the ability to grab enemy ships (even the ones 50 times bigger than you) with what looks like a tractor beam, swing them about then toss them at other enemies."

Also, it's delightful to see homebrew DC title Age Of The Beast mentioned: "This is Senile Team's follow up to the excellent Beats of Rage, improving on everything that game gave us while also using completely original graphics which are looking stunning!" Hey, and Destructoid interviewed them recently, so that's neat too.