- Over at Gamasutra, Alistair Wallis is continuing his excellent 'Playing Catch-Up' column stint by quizzing Crystal Quest and Carmageddon creator Patrick Buckland - and yes, that's a pretty extreme contrast between the two most notable games on his resume!

I'm a pretty massive Carmageddon fan, so it was interesting to hear of the original license plans for the game: "Originally, the game was intended to by the publisher to be a licensed Mad Max title, though this plan later ran into trouble when SCi couldn’t actually get their hands on the license. Next, in anticipation of a sequel to the cult 1975 film Death Race 2000 film, the game was titled Death Race 2020. “This is where running people over came from,” Buckland notes. “Then the film fell through, and we all decided ‘Sod it, let’s just do it anyway – who needs a license!’” he laughs. “The rest is history…”"

Also good to see Isle Of Wight-based Stainless going the indie, small game route: "For the future, Buckland suggests that Live Arcade and Sony’s E-Distribution Initiative present the best opportunities for Stainless Games. “For the time-being, this is where we’d like to be,” he says. “However we’d like to develop and extend this into producing more original, innovative titles for these platforms – we have a few things in mind. We also have a few ideas for proper triple-As as well, that we’re talking to people about. We don’t believe you need to spend $20m+ to write a best-selling game – not if you design it around good gameplay, not bulk of content.”"