- Game designer and producer at Digital Eclipse, David Sirlin (who incidentally produced Gamasutra's most-viewed article of 2006 in his lambasting of World Of Warcraft) has just finished work on Capcom Classics Collection 2 for PS2/Xbox, actually one of the least-discussed retro game products to come out this holiday season.

In any case, Digital Eclipse has gone an extra mile with the extras in general (here's the game listing, btw). But Sirlin is a major fighting game fan/expert in particular, and his personal blog has posted links to YouTube versions of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo tutorial videos, narrated by Sirlin, from the game itself. As he explains: "These videos are meant to help new players see the game in a way they might not have thought of (as a collection of rectangles dueling for control of space)."

What's more: "They also demonstrate lots of the standard techniques in Street Fighter such as 2in1s, “meaty” attacks, and reversals. I also show some advanced stuff with “button up” special moves and safe jumps at the end. Basically, there’s a little something for everyone from beginner to expert." The advanced video, covering stuff like 'Instant Overheads' and 'Piano Inputs', is a fascinating look at the jargon and reality of Street Fighter II expert players - and it actually makes sense, too! Great stuff.

[Also, Sirlin just posted his 2006 game awards, which are opinionated and crunchy - for example, Metroid Prime Pinball in his top 3 games of the year: "Metroid Prime Pinball is, for me, the perfect pick-up-and-play DS game. I don’t have to remember where I was in some huge story or map, or how this or that mechanic worked. I can just play for a few minutes, or for an hour if I want to try to get all 12 artifacts."]