- Well, I'm back from Vegas now, so the final part of the Pinball Hall Of Fame saga will be up soon-ish (and no, GameWorks didn't have many good new arcade games at all, *sigh*, apart from House Of The Dead 4, though the MGM Grand does have Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara in its well-maintained game room, so they win the 'Vegas arcade sweepstakes' this time round.)

In any case, I was catching up with my curation of audio/video content for the Internet Archive, whom I help out from time to time, and I noticed that the latest Speed Demos Archive speed runs are now mirrored on Archive.org. The Speed Demos guys do a sterling job of compiling and capturing insane speed runs done on original hardware, and the latest subject of their invention is the seminal Sonic The Hedgehog.

Say Speed Demos Archive co-runner Nate: "Three weeks short of a year ago, i called on you to run sonic games. i offered up the new sonic 2 individual-level table, every run in it lovingly crafted by yours truly, and i implored you to build on my times. i said i was prepared to wait no longer for sonic runs worthy of the speed demos archive name. today, my wait is finally over."

The full completion time for the entire of Sonic 2 is just 20 minutes and 2 seconds (!), and 'chemical plant zone, act 2' is just one of the many highlights - there's actually streaming embedded Flash of that 40 second run now, since the Archive is experimenting with streaming Flash on its uploaded videos nowadays. Awesome - and the whole news page at Speed Demos Archive is brimming with further goodness. [Thanks to Wikipedia for the animated Sonic 2 GIF, btw!]