- Actually, there's nothing spectacularly Christmas-y about this round-up, but since it's debuting on Christmas day, we can pretend, eh? Here's some stuff I picked up from around the Interweb (and without even consulting RSS feeds!) over the past couple of days:

- Ellis Meets Reuters: Over at news agency Reuters' Second Life blog (!), there's news that writer Warren Ellis is starting a weekly column about SL there, starting in January. Ellis is best known for his smart, beautifully literate comics like Transmetropolitan and Planetary, and has a pretty interesting blog, too.

- Edge's Top Tips: Over at Edge Online, they've posted the winners of the 2006 Edge Awards, and the highlights would be: "Best Game: Final Fantasy XII (PS2); Best Innovation: Nintendo Wii; Best Visual Design: Okami (PS2); Best Audio Design: Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey Of The Cursed Kin (PS2); Best Developer: Nintendo; Best Publisher: Take Two; Best Online Experience: Test Drive Unlimited (Xbox 360); Best Hardware: Nintendo DS." Nothing too insane in there, though the award for Test Drive is probably the most interesting one.

- GTA Creators Do... Kirby?: Something from Gamasutra that's worth pointing out - our Playing Catch-Up with DMA's Dave Jones, in which it's revealed that, around the time of Uniraces: "DMA were contracted to work on a Kirby title for the publisher, though this never made it to release. “It was to be a showcase for the SNES mouse, but the mouse did not sell that well and the game was not great when played with a joypad, so it never saw the light of day,” explains Jones." Wow - wacky! Otherwise, a fun retrospective.

- Fight Them Vipers!: Over at uberfangirl Zerochan's LJ, she's pointing out some neat YouTube fighting game videos, including a "...faaaaaantastic Fighting Vipers 2 combo/technique video. You can pull off some INSANE stuff in this game at a high level of play, and I think this vid does a nice job of showing it. It also serves as a reminder that FV2 is completely crazy and awesome and WE NEED ANOTHER ONE LIKE FOUR YEARS AGO MISTER KATAOKA-SAN." Indeed - there was never much FV2 mastery in the West, was there?

- Warthog's Gizmondo Fallout: The directors of Warthog, who sold their developers to Gizmondo a couple of years back before the handheld company's infamous crash and burn, are still feeling the results, according to an AFX news article from this week. It's noted that: "The group is conserving resources whilst seeking a reverse takeover and continues to actively pursue possible opportunities", and the yearly results from September reveal: "As has been widely reported in the press Gizmondo Europe Limited was put into liquidation and the shares in Tiger Telematics Inc. ("TGTL") have become worthless."

What's more: "When the common stock in TGTL was received in November 2005 we were unable to dispose of it, as it was not tradable due to TGTL not having filed its quarterly financial statements. The directors tried a number of avenues to try to achieve realisation but ultimately were not successful. Consequently the whole of the investment in TGTL has been fully provided for in these accounts, which show an audited loss for the year ended 31st March 2006 of UKP4,000,675." Ouch. Of course, the former Warthog employees who lost their jobs when Gizmondo shut down are hurting anyhow, but the directors of the company really did get screwed, here.