- Regular GSW Shih Tzu passes on the sad news that : "Star Foster, co-author of text adventure Slouching Towards Bedlam, passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 10 at the age of 33."

He adds: "Slouching Towards Bedlam took 1st place in the 2003 Interactive Fiction competition and also went on to win several XYZZY Awards, including Best Game of 2003. Although Slouching was her only experience writing IF, she was active as an apparently prolific blogger and writer... If you haven't played the (excellent) game, try it now in her memory."

Grand Text Auto also have a tribute to Star, and the IF Wiki has more info, adding that the 'Magic Words' feature by Andrew Vestal and Nich Maragos, originally printed on 1UP, has an interview with Star and co-author Daniel Ravipinto on it, if you'd like to know more.