- Over at sister site Gamasutra, we're still keeping up some updates over the holiday period, and we just posted an interview with author Gerard Jones, subtitled 'Sex, Violence, Tension and Comic Books', in which the writer of 'Killing Monsters' talks about violence and games eloquently.

When asked: 'What do you think it is in your work that resonates with the gaming community?', Jones comments: "Video games have been so much under attack recently, that I think there’s a certain nervousness. Most people in this business are very pleasant and non-confrontational and the fact that they are being reviled as the causes of crime, causes of violence, is disturbing. On the one hand, I think people want to know how to respond to those criticisms. But on the other hand, I think there’s some genuine anxiety that maybe games have a bad side, maybe there is a problem, and how do we deal with any guilt or fear?"

He continues of legislative and media attacks on video games: "I would say now we’re kind of at the tail end. If games continue to push boundaries, particular ones could come under attack. A lot of it’s just the medium being around long enough that people have realized the world hasn’t gone to hell. It’s just something else people are doing with their spare time." IMHO this is a pretty interesting/thoughtprovoking piece - Jones goes into more shades of gray than your average commentator.