- Over at Greg Costikyan's Manifesto Games website, he's revealed that the indie portal's first exclusive game will be 'Playing With Fire', a "...highly unusual platform puzzle game in which you play a giant ball of fire--and burn things down."

Costik explains: "Play With Fire was developed in an unusual way; [creator Chris] Bateman's company, International Hobo is based in the UK, but owns a development studio, Fantasy Labs Entertainment in India. Many of the game's more than 100 levels were created by people who responded when Bateman asked for submissions on his blog. So the development of Play With Fire was distributed not only across the Internet, but also across the globe."

Bateman has an entry on his blog celebrating the game going master (it was originally listed as a PS2 title to be released by Midas, too - but I don't see that mentioned anywhere?), commenting: "The basic principle has held: we’ve developed on a very low budget. Now all that remains is to see if there is a niche market out there looking for something a little bit different, something that could never be a mass market success, something which endeavours to be original."

He continues: "My biggest concern is our rather high minimum spec. We may be at the mercy of players more interested in the latest glossy FPS than an oddball game like this one." We'll try to post when it goes live - check Bateman's historical posts for more info on the thoughts that went into the design of the game.