- Wow, lots of acronyms in the headline, but I just got the latest issue of Ziff Davis' EGM, and the final issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, aw, in the mail, and there's an interesting tidbit in a one-page OPM interview with Sony Online boss John Smedley that is worth repeating.

As part of his chat about the PlayStation Network online component for the PS3, which has been designed by SOE, Smedley says: "Sony doesn't have a 50MB Xbox Live Arcade limit. Sony's letting publishers do what they want... We're making an MMO that won't be distributed at retail, and we believe so strongly in it that it will only be made available online." Interesting - this appears to be confirmation that an upcoming SOE title will be digital download-only for PlayStation 3.

Smedley has talked about this a little before, in a personal blog from earlier this year: "We have four diverse MMO titles in internal development, not counting the five MMOs we currently have live, or our partnership with Sigil for Vanguard.... We’re also concentrating on bringing each of these games to you on both the PC and the upcoming PlayStation 3." He also notes: "With the exception of the DC Comics game we’re working on, each of these games is an original IP." But Smedley hadn't previously indicated that at least one of them would be digital download-only on PS3.

I wonder, is this PS3 MMO going to be free and pay for items/upgrades, or just pay-to-download - or both? The PlayStation Network makes pay for items very possible, of course. I guess we'll find out in due course - and let's not start 'OMG Sony is ripping us off by nickel and dime-ing us' rumors with regard to pay-for-items until it's obvious what's going on, shall we?