- Posty over at Shoot The Core has some excellent news: "Ok, this is totally non-shmup related, but my gracious hosts, Moonpod, have released their second game today, [PC indie title] Mr. Robot."

He continues of the previously GSW-mentioned title: "I played through the hour demo and it's pretty fun. It's a hybrid action platformer and RPG game, with a robotic/technological backdrop. Think 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Mega Man Battle Network. Very high production values for an indy company, but this is the norm for Moonpod (and no, I'm not just kissing up, other people think highly of their products also.)"

If you want to know about development, there's a fun developer diary from this month, too, with some interesting comments: "The 'reality' sections of the game have had a different set of issues; almost all being related to parts of the game being insanely difficult... We've discovered that people with experience of the old-school isometric platformers are now pretty rare, and so without that vocabulary of actions built into your mindset, even just jumping over a short space can be pretty hard. Things Nick and I can almost do blindfold turn out to be difficult. "