- We've previously raved about Genki Rockets' 'Heavenly Star' music video, which is part of Q Entertainment's Lumines II and is also viewable online - well, now they've put the song on iTunes, according to a press release.

I find it amusing that they're so vague about who the people behind the song are: "Performed by a new group called Genki Rockets and produced by Q Entertainment's own Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the song's catchy and uplifting tune combined with equally striking video has caught the attention of many gamers and was recently nominated Best Song at the 2006 Spike TV Video Game Awards. Genki Rockets is a hybrid group that consists of a few artists and will be collaborating with other artists in the future to bring new music and videos." Contractual obligation issues?

Also noted: ""Heavenly Star" is the first original song and music video produced by game producer Mizuguchi and is currently available as a background (skin) in the puzzle-based video game sequel Lumines II for [PSP]. It will also be introduced into Lumines Live! (Xbox Live Arcade) as the "Heavenly Star Pack" starting early January 2007 for a limited time only." Advertising more add-on packs for Lumines Live? You're a brave company, Q! This is still one of my fave songs of the year, mind you.