- It's been a few months since we covered the Mega64 guys, and apparently, according to their news page, they've been up to all kinds of stuff since we took our eye off the ball.

Firstly, they note: "Our second SpikeTV VGA ad has been released! It's called "Vote," and you can click here to watch it (as well as the bizarre behind the scenes video!)" If you like seeing old people confused in supermarket parking lots, then this may be the ad for you. The first ad for the Spike Awards is also fun, because it admits (in semi-jest) that the awards don't have the best rep, and it has someone being horribly burned by a wizard.

If you scroll down further, there are some more promo videos that were done for Ubisoft, and they've finally posted the full version of the Ico skit from the Mega64 Version 2 DVD, which all those who are fans of Fumito Ueda-related lunacy should also check out at the earliest opportunity. I'm still a fanboy for these idiots - long may they keep it up!