- Over at The New Gamer, G.Turner has been discussing the state of the memory card, noting: "I'm the sole member of The New Gamer whom hasn't purchased a next-generation console (not for a lack of wanting or effort, that's for sure), and as such I've been spending the bulk of my console time with the sole current-generation games machine that still has slight murmurs of life: the PS2."

Turner laments: "And as I keep trying to draw out its life, the more space I try to wring out of my two PS2 memory cards, which requires ever increasing amounts of maintenance, compromise and frustration than ever before... My beef isn't so much with the memory card as it is with the lazy developers. I've had it up to here with games that don't bother to check 'memory slot B' for previous saves or extra space, and I'm especially sick of games that don't even bother to allow you to access a card again, just in case, you know, you've had to swap a card from slot B to slot A."

He concludes: "At least the infernal cards appear to be on their way out, and with them goes the frustration of juggling limited card space. However, it does rather seem that, with the embracing of hard drives, we're swapping one storage device for another, and that in a matter of years I'll be muttering profanities under my breath while hot-swapping hard-drives, but that day is not today." But won't we look fondly and dearly on memory cards in just a few short years? Haw.