- We've previously covered the intriguing Kongregate indie web game portal, but we spotted that they have sign-ups open to the public right now.

As you can see on Kongregate's news page, they've been organizing weekly Flash game competitions with cash prizes, the most recent of which was won by IGF finalist Gamma Bros, and "contest winners are now determined by user ratings" - which is really the point of the site, which is trying to apply Web 2.0 paradigms to Flash gaming goodness.

It's pretty nice to have ratings, chart, similar games, and the actual Flash game all playable on the same screen (though with my monitor resolution, some of the games are a bit tiny!), and while sites like NewGrounds already do this type of thing pretty well, I find Kongregate more easily browsable and slicker, in terms of pure game content. You have to register to play, right now at least, but it's well worth a look.