- Yay for GeekOnStun, since they've spotted some great new King Of Games Japanese T-shirts, including Out Run and Fantasy Zone - and they're awesome.

Of course, this means that they get overexcited: "In light of this VERY IMPORTANT NEWS we sent an excited e-mail to the English speaking person at The King of Games asking if they'll sell these on the online shop! And they wrote back! And they said... THEY SAID! THEY'RE TALKING! TO SEGA OF AMERICA! AND MAYBE! THEY'LL! SELL! THEM! IN! AMERICA! *!!!!!*""

It's also noted, in over-enthusiastic hyper-UKR style: "# They're both 5040 yen which is about $43 according to Google and also a BARGAIN # They'll both be open for ordering on January 7 but JUST for from KOG in Japanese (but Shop 33 also carries Get Ready after a while)."