- Humor columnist Joel Stein has been messing around in Second Life in his latest report for Time Magazine, and needless to say, he finds all kinds of bizarre things (yes, including an attractive in-game female who is an attractive female in real life.)

He also seems surprised by furries, which is, well, endearing: "As I quickly learned, having sex is exactly what many of the people on the site spend their time doing. Occasionally, it seemed, with characters that look like giant fluffy squirrels—which is wonderful, because there is nothing like the warm flush of superiority you feel when discovering a fetish you don't have."

This, in fact is the smartest summing-up of Second Life's insane horizons and practical reality that I've seen, even if it's done unconsciously: "I planned to put the Reuters guy out of business, own some kind of island where drone armies did my bidding and force people to follow laws based on my insane whims. Unfortunately, the other thing I learned about myself on Second Life, after spending half an hour learning how to walk, was that I'm too lazy to do any of those things. Or even draw my hair and eyebrows right." [Via BrokenToys.]