- Blogger, media theorist and man about town Henry Jenkins has posted an interview with Gamelab's Eric Zimmerman (here's the second part) discussing the indie gaming nexus.

For starters, Zimmerman makes a good point about defining indie games (or rather, not defining them!): "To me it is less important to define exactly what independent games are and instead figure out how to create innovative games that expand the boundaries of digital games, a form of culture that is only a few decades old and still has vast spaces for experimentation and invention."

He also discusses the innovative project-based funding Gamelab is trying, interestingly noting: "It has been difficult to find project-based investors, however. My feeling is that in 10 or 15 years, when there are enough wealthy people that believe games are an important cultural form, we'll see a boom in independent games. Right now, however, the people that invest in independent film aren't gamers and don't see the glamour or importance of games."