- We haven't really covered the break-up of the Insert Credit forums, partly out of respect for our the dead (and the passing was pretty horrible, with 4-Chan invasions and mass bannings after a moderator change backfired.)

But IC's front news/features page is still going strong, and the forums have now semi-officially moved to SelectButton.net, which is neat. In addition to the transplanted forums, there's also an IC-like front page to SelectButton.net, featuring some interesting news posts from vaguely GSW-ish folks like Fort90, JamesE and Dessgeega. I reckon it's well worth a bookmark for fans of alt.gaming goodness.

Recent highlights? Dessgeega points out new games from Pixel, the creator of Cave Story - well, new old, but it's still Pixel, darn it. And there's a nice translation of the 2ch thread about the crazy Japanese guy playing Wii on his 1-inch TV. So a great start!