- Hope he doesn't mind, but Gamasutra Podcast exec. producer and genial host Tom Kim sent out a funny email the other day about one of my fave subjects, Cthulhu (who is making a comeback nowadays, let's not forget!), so I pass it on.

Tom writes: "Following up on my posting on the Evil Avatar forums regarding IKEA's takeover by The Great Old Ones, here's an article from WorthPlaying.com about an upcoming Sherlock Holmes versus Cthulhu PC adventure game... A 3D graphic adventure out of Germany featuring two, shall we say, less than mainstream intellectual properties? Once again, the only explanation I have is that the ultimate incarnation of cosmic madness, the Dread Lord Cthulhu must have had a hand, er, claw, er, tentacle in."

Looks like Adventure Gamers has some good info on the title, which is called 'Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened', and "...will take players through London, a psychiatric hospital in Switzerland, various stops in the United States, and Scotland." There's even a German-language playable demo linked on the Adventure Gamers page, if you're tempted.

(Isn't Lovecraft-related IP still in copyright, btw? Obviously, Holmes isn't, which is why developer Frogwares, big PD IP fans, are doing it.)