- It's the week after Christmas (and indeed, very nearly the New Year!), but Jeremy 'Toastyfrog' Parish does not lie fallow, and he's done a new Retro Round-Up article over at 1UP with the latest Wii/X360/PS3+PSP retro goodness.

By far the best bit is the 'review' of the PS3-downloadable PS1 version of MediEvil for PSP (phew!): "Sony... what the hell are you doing? You implement this PS1-on-PSP scheme, and then use it to release a bunch of PlayStation games that have already seen improved sequels on PSP. Do you really think gamers are that eager to spend and hour or two downloading games they could just as easily pick up in an upgraded form for a few dollars more? In this case, the offender is a perfectly decent game called MediEvil, which plays not unlike a slower-paced 3D version of Ghosts 'N Goblins."

Toasty's conclusion: "So here's our offer, Sony. You start giving us downloads for games that we can't already play on PSP and we start encouraging people to use your service. Six bucks is a great price, and once you improve download speeds and stop forcing us to use PS3 as a conduit, it'll be truly magnificent. But please, make the game selections worthwhile, alright? Alright."