- Wandering around onto GP32X.com, to check out what's up with the GP2X, the latest iteration of GamePark's slightly wacky open-source handheld - and there's a GP2X Crap Games Competition just started!

It's explained, simply enough: "The premise of this competition is as simple as its potential entrants - you must make the worst game you can within the time you've been given."

And the current amazing entrants include: "The object of CarCounter2007 is to actually count the number of cars that pass. Each level is 8 hours long... Gameplay gets worse as each car that passes stops at the flags (I think they’re flags?) to release an ear-piercing beeping noise, which continues for around five seconds. Following the honking, the car passes, and the player must wait another six seconds for it to start all over again."

Also, there's Walking Simulator Extreme: "You play a (quite well-rendered, with a shadow and a full walk cycle - in this competition?) guy in a blue top and jeans who is enjoying a walk through a desert that actually appears to be flat (so maybe he's traversing a large picture of a desert, I don't know), with mountains in the background." It only gets better from there! Lots more info at the GP32X thread on the subject.

[This isn't the first intentional awful-game combo for GP32 - there was apparently a crap games competition from #gp32dev for the original GP32 back in 2005, including spectacular stuff like 'Pigeon killer' ("Right, it seems that some bloke with a big moustache isn't too keen on pigeons so he throws sticks at them, whilst listening to some of the most appalling music I've even heard in a computer game.")]