- Via, I think, the AssemblerGames forums, I stumbled across a set of YouTube videos of unreleased games that includes a bunch of interesting, rare titles.

The videos are actually part of the Unseen 64 website, which has a pretty decent collection of screenshots of unreleased games, even though some of the text is in Italian. But the videos themselves bear a second glance too, since they include things like a video of Dee Dee Planet for the Dreamcast, which I very vaguely remember hearing about.

A creator interview from Shift Magazine explains of the 'dori dock'-designed game: "This 'Dee Dee PLANET' is a kind of shooting game which shoots using a parabola, and is pastoral rather than speedy. It has a mathematical clearness by controlling the parabola with only two parameters - angle and shooting power. We set up a totally different theme apart from the offensiveness of other shooting games."

It's a fascinating rarity - but there's plenty of other stuff like Gold Star Mountain for Gamecube, an unreleased From Software game, also neato in the extreme - go poke around?