So, more pictures from The Pinball Hall Of Fame in Las Vegas, then, and this time round, I'm concentrating on some of the classic pinball machines there which may not have incredibly complex multi-mode gameplay, but certainly have some gorgeous designs associated with them. And here are some of them:

Some of the pinball machines closest to the window.

Gottlieb's 'Abra Ca Dabra' from 1975 - love the backglass.

Stern's 'Nugent' from 1978 - nobody beats the Nuge, esp. not with these classic stylings.

Gottlieb's 'Punk' from 1982 - there's nothing quite like reflecting gritty DIY rock aesthetic with a glitzy pintable, eh?

Continuing with the rock music theme, here's Bally's 'Capt. Fantastic' from 1975, based on the film version of Tommy, with Elton John on the backglass.

Gottlieb's 'Centigrade 37' from 1977 - is this a Fahrenheit [EDIT: 451 - damn you, Michael Moore!] pastiche? Again, awesome sci-fi stylings.

Incredibly rare 'Impacto' machine from Europe circa 1975 - the IPDB page for the game notes that this is the only copy in the U.S.

Gottlieb's 'Rock Star' from 1978. Neat.

Possibly the grooviest machine in there - Gottlieb's 'Domino' from 1968.

And that concludes our random look at some of the neatest-designed machines in there. The final report of our three from the Pinball Hall Of Fame will examine two or three of the quirkiest or coolest more recent machines exhibited there - ones I actually spent some notable time playing!