Thanks to Brian over at Kotaku for some analysis of the recent GSW announcement that we're scaling back a bit. Also - thanks for all your kind comments on what GSW means to you - we really appreciate it. I think the point of the change is that I now feel like I can post when I want, rather than feel obligated to post X times per day. But I also think that, despite the fact I aspire to a Takahashi-like Zen statesmanship to my prose, I have a natural tendency toward the quirky and alternative which is basically not bypass-able.

Hence the fact that, though I'm in Las Vegas through Sunday on a little mini-holiday, I'm still posting pics of weird arcade machines from the Luxor's 'Games Of The Gods' arcade. I will never learn!

In this case, it's just me showing that practicing on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade version of Frogger really _has_ made me slightly better at the real arcade version. However, next to me was a regular arcadegoer racking up a _spectacular_ score on Galaga - he was up to 250,000 by the time I left, and the high score on the machine was 999,980, which I presume was also his, so... I felt a little humbled.

Now, you don't actually see many of these, so I figured it was worth a picture due to the _classic_ game name - Sammy's Atomiswave-powered street racing title, 'Faster Than Speed'. For those wanting to poke around more with the Atomiswave hardware (which is destined to be perhaps even cultier and obscure than the Neo Geo!), then the System16 entry for the game also lists all the other titles using the hardware. (Though I don't think it got a full release, I played Atomiswave puzzle title 'Sushi Bar' at some arcade show, for example, and it was rather awesome.)

Anyhow, 'Faster Than Speed'! Even my wife was rolling around chortling and suggesting other titles such as 'Louder Than Sound', so bad game naming derision is pretty much universal, I conclude.

Finally, a brand new U.S.-produced gun game in 2006? And not from Eugene Jarvis? Blimey, yes, it's Aliens Extermination from Global VR. I'm afraid to say that this particular machine had some heinous hardware issues - the entire game background was missing, maybe due to graphics card glitching. So the aliens were visible, but to be honest, it seemed a little iffy anyhow, with much shooting of small weapon power-up icons, and lots of similar jump-close alien behavior. Maybe the technical issues weren't doing it any favors, though.

[Incidentally, Las Vegas isn't spectacular for arcades, to be honest - the Luxor's arcade, which is one of the largest, didn't really have many new titles, and was practically deserted. But I will be checking out GameWorks at some point during the trip, just in case they have any beetle trading games or even Psy Phi (I wish!), and will likely get to the Pinball Hall Of Fame at some point.]