- Even though GSW won't be link city, going forward, I still have time to do brief-ish Delicious-style links when I go trawl my RSS feeds, and right now is such a time.

So, in the best traditions of linktrawlers, Hi-ho, Silver, awaaaaay:

- Nancy Drew-Tastic: Adventure Classic Gaming has added a Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave review - just about the only graphic adventure series still alive and kicking!

- Headcrabs And Boomsticks: Hey, I didn't know there was a headcrab hat, now! Thanks, Valve, and Alice - it fits in nicely with a Pac-Man hat, if you have one of those.

- Recipes, Gangsters, Portable Dancefests: There's a new DS recipe collection out in Japan, for those "anxious to test the Banana Cupcake and Coconut Parfait" - oh Nintendo, you're soooo maaaainstream. Also - Yakuza 2 is out already? Wow. And Pump It Up Portable - how odd!

- Ugh, Autoplay Videos: Sorry Stephen Totilo, the new MTV site is so obnoxious that I can't even link to it directly any more, but here's a link to a link to his statement about Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam and race and stuff. Weird.

- Wired Editor Loves Ashlee Simpson: We never linked to Part 2 of the Jenkins Vs. Kohler interview - so here it is. There's yet more Inis love in here, too - I think that Kohler is a spy for them. Though not a very good one, obviously. Agents are...!

- I Want Your (Tiny Car) Soul: GameSpy reviews Pocket Racers for PSP, which is terrible (1 star out of 5!) but, and we forgot this, has the following plot: "You and your friends were the life of the party until a mysterious Soul Reaver showed up and turned you into tiny cars. The stakes are high -- race for your life and save the lives of your friends or lose your soul forever." WOW!

- PK-ing, Game Art-ing: Videoludica has two excellent new features - an odd essay on PK-ing and the Chinese game market, and an interview with game-related artist Damiano Colacito. Erudition!

- It's No Sack Er Ee Fice?: Kieron Gillen says nice things about Shiny's semi-forgotten Sacrifice: "Sacrifice reminds me exactly how good, how imaginative, how brilliant it’s possible for a videogame to be and it’s clear that no-one’s going to spend serious money on making a game like it ever again."

- From ARGs to Dreamcasts: I almost forgot the site I actually run! The Gamasutra goodness from today includes Elan Lee talking about his storied history in ARGs, as well as Dan Loosen at the GOAT Store talking about why Dreamcast indie game development is rad - yes, seriously, and there's also a fun interview with Blimey! Games' Ian Bell on how "the time is right for a “race sim Halo.”"

[UPDATE - I remembered how I used to do these to make them more readable with regard to bolding and headlines - and made it so!]