- Clearly, GameSetWatch is becoming known as the place where 'the cool kids' hang out - why else would we be given the chance to give away a Roboreptile, which appears to be a crazed death-dealing dinosaur robot toy which is proudly described to be "As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!"?

The Wikipedia page for the Roboreptile explains handily: "Following its success with the overwhelmingly popular Roboraptor is Wow Wee Toy's Roboreptile robot dinosaur. Unveiled at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show, it is a smaller, faster and vastly more agile robot dinosaur. It was inspired by the Australian frilled lizard, being able to rear on its hindlegs and attack."

Oh yeah, and they're MAKING us put a hilariously semi-badly designed graphic on the site so you can click through and play a slightly Nanaca Crash-styled, vaguely clunky Flash game featuring Roboraptor. But you know, anything to get you guys a robot dinosaur - so here goes:


God, I hate the term 'addicting'. It's not even a proper word! Anyhow, my favorite bit of Roboreptile's extensive and lethal functionality is this feature: "Hood accessory fits over its face to help you subdue it during aggressive moods." I'm gonna try that with the Gamasutra co-editors when they next get rowdy! (Also, I think Wow Wee should show more sensitivity towards the situation in the Middle East.)

Anyhow, to win Wow Wee's Roboreptile, which is winging its way to the GameSetWatch offices right now as we speak (hope it doesn't break out of its shipping package!), you need to answer the following:

"Which '80s arcade game stars an ape in a football helmet, and features fire-breathing lizards popping out of eggs as one of the enemies?"

A little more difficult this time! Please send your answers to [email protected] any time before Wednesday, December 13th at 12 noon PST. There will be one winner randomly picked from the correct answers, the judges' decision is final, and that's that. Have fun!