- Time for the results of our most recent GameSetCompetition, which dared to dabble in the arcana of Simon Cowell's loopy trouser heights and Randy Jackson's 'Yeah, dawg'-isms.

More specifically, Konami were giving away a T-shirt and a copy of Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol for PlayStation 2 plus microphone to one lucky GSW reader, as part of a promo related to their virtual American Idol contest at MusicInEveryDirection.com.

The lucky victor this time is Joe Fourhman, who was one of a few to correctly identify the publisher of the previous American Idol game, as follows:

Q: "Which UK-headquartered publisher published the (sorry, not actually very good!) previous video game based on American Idol?"
A: Codemasters.

Thanks to all who played this time, even if the reality TV vs. GameSetWatch overlap in the Venn diagram isn't particularly large. We'll try to give away something much geekier next time, like Yu Suzuki's nose hair or similar.