- Jesper Juul has posted a new update on his site to note: "In time for the holidays, the new Game Studies issue has just been published. The biggest issue yet. For the future, we are considering switching to a fixed release schedule of twice a year. (We do these things so you don’t have to.)"

Some of the wacky results? Benjamin Wai-ming Ng: "Street Fighter and The King of Fighters in Hong Kong: A Study of Cultural Consumption and Localization of Japanese Games in an Asian Context", for one - the article notes: "Hong Kong players have... established a set of rules for arcade games commonly used in Hong Kong. Many of the rules were started from Street Fighter and then reinforced by KOF and other arcade games." Local slang for KOF game banter included!

Also cool? Charles Paulk: 'Signifying Play: The Sims and the Sociology of Interior Design', which explains: "It would not be difficult to argue The Sims has sped the ascendance of this "sociology of interior design." At the very least, like Trading Spaces and its ilk, the game is a byproduct of the phenomenon, and possibly its most lucid illustration. Consider that many players employ their Sims' home as a testing ground for real-world remodeling projects." Wait, so Will Wright is to blame for Ty Pennington? Lemme at him!