- Now, here's a bit of a surprise - Insomnia.ac has revealed their playtest impressions of Dynamite Deka Ex for arcades, a pretty surprising new update for the Dynamite Cop beat-em-up line, one that most people must have believed dead.

[EDIT: Thanks to Shih Tzu for reminding me/you in the comments: "Those of you who don't know it by the name "Dynamite Deka" might instead recognize the name "Die Hard Arcade", as the first game was released in the West with a slapped-on Die Hard license."]

The site's Alex Kierkegaard notes: "Sega's new Dynamite Deka is, if nothing else, an indication that the Japanese arcade industry must be going through a period of relative prosperity. Because not only is it obviously beyond mediocre, but it also belongs to a genre that was never very popular in arcades even during its heyday (I am referring to 3D brawlers -- the 2D variety was of course hugely popular back in the day). So if someone thinks they can make money with it then there must be enough money to go around in the first place. It's either that, or the people in charge of the purse strings at Sega's AM division have gone completely off their rockers. I am inclined to believe the first scenario."

He also explains: "For those of you who've never heard of the Dynamite Deka (lit.: Dynamite Detective) games, they are rather unique, quirky 3D beat 'em ups, consisting of a string of short, carefully-scripted fighting scenes, joined together with so-called Event Scenes (Shenmue-like Quick Time Events, though of course both DD games appeared long before Shenmue did). Dynamite Deka was released in arcades in 1996 for the STV board, with a Saturn port coming out in the same year, and Dynamite Deka 2 ~Karibu no Kaizoku Hen~ came out in 1998 for the Model 2, with a Dreamcast port following in 1999."

But for this new game: "What they did instead was give the game a minor facelift, and add a few lame twists here and there." So... maybe not the best, then?