- Our love for Jeff Minter knows (taking traditional human emotions into account, at least) no bounds, so it's great to see a new 1UP interview with him, accompanied by a couple of new videos of his XBLA game Space Giraffe in action.

The2Bears also picked up on Yak's announcement on his own forums for the 2 vids, where Minter himself notes: "“Naive” shows play through the tutorial level on the basic “Eyes of Allard” tutorial level geometry. I don’t play for points here, I play to show how one might play the tutorial on the first play through. The simple geometry makes it easy to see what’s going on."

Honestly, Eyes Of Allard? Those must be all extreme sports gaga, or something! As for the other vid: "“Rinsin” shows me playing the same Tutorial Level data, but over three different geometries that are a lot less plain than the Eyes of Allard stuff, and also using techniques to boost my Bonus Multiplier and rinse the levels of points. Unfortunately I don’t rinse it as well as I might have since I lose a life in the last level."