- Continuing the recent tradition of GSW highlighting unconventional or overlooked games, we just got a press release about a Russian-authored PC game: "Biart announces online sales launch for first diving simulator - Diver: Deep Water Adventures."

It's explained: "Diver: Deep Water Adventures is the unique combination of a diving simulation and an exciting arcade game. The development team, are real divers and they paid special attention to the authenticity of the diving aspect of the game. Diver: Deep Water Adventures features real diving equipment from leading world manufacturers like SCUBAPRO, Tigullio, Uwatec, Sea & Sea, Camaro, and Waterproof. Several of the game's missions are based on actual diving sites from around the world. For example, players will have the opportunity to go wreck-diving down to the "Thistlegorm" ship, which was sunk in the Red Sea during World War II."

This is pretty interesting, though the game tries to be both an "authentic diving simulator that will satisfy real divers and novices alike, and a full-fledged arcade game that will appeal to everyone" - so one wonders if it's possible/easy to do both, since the story page for the game includes references to Atlantis and the Pharoahs and suchlike, alongside the genuine sim stuff.

Still, this Strategy Informer interview with the folks who made the game is totally cute, in a Borat-ish way: "You see I am a PADI Rescue Diver myself. Occasionally, when I went on a diving resort in Hurghada, almost whole future team of “Diver” developers roomed numbers in one hotel… And so the story began. Now we often go there to relax, dive and have a rest from work."