- I was reading Fortune Magazine on the train the other day (yes, seriously) and happened upon the news that Walter Forbes, the former chairman of Cendant, was convicted at his third criminal trial of conspiracy in the accounting fraud dating back to the late '90s. All well and good - but what's it got to do with games?

Well, you will note that "Forbes was accused of overstating income by $252 million at CUC International, the company that merged with HFS in 1997 to create Cendant", and in Frank Cifaldi's 'Playing Catch-Up' with Sierra's Ken Williams, the Sierra founder explains that he sold the company to CUC International in 1996, and that "... even early on, there were signs of trouble; broken promises and the like. "At the time, I passed it off as them having 'told me what I wanted to hear, to get the deal done.' Now, I understand that these were not honorable gentleman.""

In fact, an IGN PC report from 1998 notes of the company: "Restated earnings show large loss, not gain, for 1997; internal report suggests fraud reached Sierra." Now, this clearly wasn't the only reason for some of Sierra's problems, as the Wikipedia page shows its complex history - indeed, Vivendi is now making a bigger play of revitalizing the Sierra name for publishing and online gaming. But the company's vibrant internal development certainly took a hit during this time, so old school adventure fans may be interested to note one of the instigators finally brought to justice.