- Over at Finnish-headquartered arcade megasite Solvalou.com, they've been adding reviews of arcade machines from consumer game mags, something that used to happen quite a bit 'back in the day', esp. in Europe.

There's some really fun stuff in here, like A.C.E's review of the ATEI 1990 show, including "reviews for Ameri Darts, Beast Busters, Final Fight and Shadow Dancer." In some ways, it's weird to consider that Final Fight is already 16 years old - is anyone out there feeling ancient already?

Or, alternatively, a Sinclair User report from 1992 which includes "reviews for B.O.T.T.S., Captain America, Captain Commando, Gun Baron, Mad Dog McCree, Spiderman, Starblade, Steel Talons, Super High Impact, Terminator 2 and Vendetta." Awesome to see arcade games drooled about from an era when they really did impress more than home systems [Via Jiji.]