We've run stuff on the Bloodspell machinima before, but now, they're done! Here's the note from Hugh Hancock: "We are proud to announce that today we have released the final episode of 'BloodSpell', our independent, animated, serialised fantasy feature film."

"Using Machinima technology and the Neverwinter Nights computer game, we were able to create an entire fantasy feature film for a total budget of under £10,000! We've been featured on CNN, in The Guardian, on Suicide Girls, on the BBC, and hundreds of other places. We've had - well, we haven't tallied up yet, but it's a lot of views."

"And, most importantly, we've managed to tell an independent, adult-targetted fantasy story, as a film, without having to drag millions of dollars out of some funding body, and release it for free download under Creative Commons. We're very pleased with the results - I hope you'll enjoy them too. You can now download the entire series."

"And please do let me know what you think, either by email or at this website. Finally, as I mentioned, we've on a micro-budget, which means our marketing budget basically pays for me and some coffee! So, we'd be really grateful if you could help us spread the word of the series in any and all ways." We just did!