- We've previously mentioned the Australian Centre For The Moving Image, or ACMI for short - which keeps putting on absolutely excellent video game-themed exhibitions, such as the 'Sonic The Hedgehog: Icon Of Our Times' exhibit from 2005.

Well, Helen Stuckey sent over a bunch of awesome postcards and a brochure for the latest exhibition, 'Hits Of The 80s: Aussie Games That Rocked The World', which runs at the Melbourne museum/exhibit space until May 6th, 2007, and in which you can "...Discover the games of the pioneering Beam Software (Melbourne House) in this secret history of Australia's place in the rise and rise of the videogame."

The featured games include The Hobbit and Horace Goes Skiing (yay!), and there's also an excellent essay on the origins of Melbourne House, the game developer which was essentially the bedrock of the Australian video game scene, and was recently bought by Krome, of course.

(Ah, and I just noticed that Aussie game development scene site Sumea has a news story on the opening with video of a presentation from Alfred Milgrom, founder of Beam Software (Melbourne House) - very neat.)