- Yes, we know we already did a post about the IGF finalists, and that we help run the competition, and all that, but there's a couple of updates that are worth pointing out here.

Firstly, it's been nice to see the finalist announcement get linked in a lot of places (even as far away as BoingBoing!), but this response, at 'And Maw! This', is probably the one I appreciated the most: "The IGF finalists have been announced. This set of games is very “IGF friendly.” I think these games reflect what game developers would like indie games to represent. Almost none of the casual games or portal hits that entered this IGF made it to the finals."

I'll quote a bit more, because there are some neat prediction threads linked for the finalists, too: "My initial thread skipped on Aquaria because at the time I had no idea what it was, but in “More on IGF” I followed up with Aquaria because of Derek Yu’s beautiful artwork and the cool theme of the game. The game is nominated in almost every category it is eligible for and I have a feeling it will clean up like Darwinia did last year. I can’t wait to try it out, any chance I can get in the beta :) ?"

But the other thing I wanted to point out is that we just put up a canonical 2007 IGF Finalists page which has all the information you need on them in one place, including screenshots, links to interviews at Gamasutra (if they happened!), plus whether you can get the game for free/demo/commercial, and links to each website - so it's a pretty handy way of working out what is playable now and what is downloadable for free. Thanks to Stephanie for helping us on this!