- Just a pointer, since you might not have spotted - 1UP's latest issue of its Retro Round-Up news has been posted, grinning happily: "Military Madness isn't the only insanity happening this week."

Firstly, teh Parish comments: "We've heard Nintendo is prepping an amazing Virtual Console surprise for Christmas -- and they'd certainly better be doing something awesome next week, because the December 18th VC selection was... what's the word? Oh yes: Crap. Only three games, and of those only one [the aforementioned Military Madness] is actually worth any money." Fortunately, since the 1UP article was posted, Nintendo has confirmed Street Fighter II, Super Castlevania IV (yum!), Toe Jam & Earl and R-Type for its Xmas day debut. But with no networked multiplayer or achievements, I'm still a bit underwhelmed in general. Though it's definitely _cool_.

And then, there's the 'Virtual Selection' wishlist item for Virtual Console - Dragon Warrior/Quest IV for NES: "So what's the appeal of Dragon Warrior IV? In a word, the story. The game was divided into three scenarios featuring different characters with unique objectives, including a merchant named Taloon (aka Torneko); at the game's end, a fourth scenario pulled them all together into an adventure that wrapped up the game's various threads. It was without question the biggest, most epic and most impressive 8-bit RPG, besting even Final Fantasy III, and would definitely make for a must-have VC download." Are you listening, Nintendoooo/Square?