- Here's something you won't find...well anywhere! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Except on Insert Credit, from where this is crossposted to help spread the word - ta GSW co-editor chap Brandon!]

It's a charity auction [for the BBC's Children In Need charity] put up by devin shockwell of the blackmoon project. Blackmoon is a CD-i enthusiast site, and as such, this Zelda auction is related to that. To boil it down, the auction focuses on two Zelda games that were released for the CD-i; Zelda - The Wand of Gamelon, and Link - The Faces of Evil. The games, frankly, weren't that hot. But the art was very nice.

What devin has done is he's professionally printed out unique, original versions of the art, with story and whatnot associated, and nice frames. These are signed by the original artist, rob dunlavey, and come with a letter from him, detailing some of his work on the project. You can check out quite a bit of the art from the games in rob's computer games section.

The auction also comes with every CD-i game rob had a hand in: Alice in Wonderland, Sargon Chess, Laser Lords, Mutant Rampage, Zelda - The Wand of Gamelon, and Link - The Faces of Evil

What's more, it comes with the Retro Gamer magazine that covered the Zelda CD-i games, signed by the authors, and all of the proceeds go to charity. Check the auction itself on eBay UK for super detailed info - beware, only 4 days left, as I dragged on this a bit! The print is size A4 by the way - not super huge, but hey, it's for charity! Who are you to complain!? [Original post by Brandon.]