- So you may recall previous discussions about XOC, the rather wonderful U.S. based video game cover version guy whose 'SMW' Super Mario World cover album is perhaps the best of its kind, like, ever.

Well, now, according to his official website, he's gone and built the NES Paul guitar, and he has step by step pics of making the NES-body guitar on his site - first noting of a _really big knife_: "I really had to use this knife. The jigsaw cut through the body of the guitar fine, but when it hit the plastic of the NES, it kept bouncing off. "

He also explains of the sacrificial console: "This is my original Nintendo from when I was ten years old. Awwww", and he ends by also noting: "Nintendo was kind enough to include various holes for the input jack." Hey, that's clever - and sure to spawn lots more ridiculous console guitars, since we've had a Genesis one before, right? How about a Virtual Boy one? I dare you! [Via Alistair. Also, XOC has the '100 shirts' project, which is fun.]