- So, you may have spotted (via NeoGAF, among other places) that GameTrailers has posted an XNA promotional video [.WMV], showing off some of the games developed with Microsoft's developer tool being initially aimed toward amateur creators.

But a little commentary is required on what you see there, I think - stuff like Particle Wars is genuinely created by homebrew types, but - oh, hey, Major Nelson (the original poster) has linked to a post at the Let's Kill Dave! blog from one of the XNA architects explaining it much better!

Dave says: "The video opens showcasing a few cool community games.  In the video, you'll see the Blobbit Dash game from Cheeky's site, Sharky's Air Legends, and Particle Wars.  Then we shift into gears with the Culture demo, which is slated to be a future starter kit.  This was the game that really knocked people out at GDC 2006 (and a very family friendly game to boot!).  That is followed by Pocket Jongg (another starter kit coming) and the mesmerizing Pickture."

Next: "Then we shift into high gear showcasing Garage Game's two ventures.  The first is a quick peek at Marble Blast Ultra, which was migrated to XNA from the original Torque Engine in just a couple of weeks.  Then you see the amazing "drag and drop" abilities of TorqueX, which is the venerable Torque Engine, reenginered for XNA.  Really amazing work by a great team of developers whose single-minded focus is helping you build great games REALLY fast."

Finally: "We then shift to Spacewar, our flagship game and homage to the game that started the entire industry.  Finally, we cap it with the big surprise, the "XNA Racer" starter kit, coming with the 1.0 release to Creators Club subscribers.  Crafted by Benjamin "Benny" Nitschke and his skillful team at exDream Entertainment, you are transported to an amazing racing game that is jaw-droppingly complete." Neeto!