- Some of you may have spotted (via my frequent XBLA references) that I'm a little bit addicted to Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360, possibly over and above the $60 retail games, so it's no surprise that I've added myself to the XBLArcade.com weekly Xbox Live Arcade points leaderboard.

It's a neat idea, which unfortunately isn't supported directly on the MyGamerCard site (where you have to go sign up for the XBLArcade leaderboard, in order for the XBLArcade site admins to extrapolate your Xbox Live Arcade-only points status) - but hey, any way it works, right?

In fact, I'm #49 out of 57 (gamertag = Simoniker) when the chart takes into account _all_ games played, not just Xbox Live Arcade games, but I rise all the way to #36 out of 57 when the Xbox Live Arcade-only version of the chart is calculated. This shows that I have an above average slant to playing those cute downloadable games, even within the group of people who've signed up for the XBLA-specific chart, but I'm still hardly competitive, hah. Wow, that was all a bit confusing - but I hope you get the gist.